Welcome to GSA’s construction update page! For the next seven months, this is where you will find information on the construction of our new campus, photos, and the latest schedule updates. This is an exciting time for The Girls’ School as we build for the future. We know that you and your children will be curious about current and upcoming activities onsite. So we will use this page to let you know when significant events are scheduled – like bulldozers knocking down walls.
So hang on and enjoy the next seven months as we create a fabulous new campus for GSA!

Construction Photo Diary

Construction Video 

February/March 2014: The Finished Product! 


February 12, 2014
Construction is almost finished.  Landscape and irrigation are underway.  We will be paving the drive and parking lot this weekend.  Final inspections have started, with several already completed.  Once paving is complete and the parking lot and fire lanes striped, we will get the final Fire Marshall inspection.  With the fire inspection and landscape inspection, we will get final approval and sign-off from the City and receive our Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.  We can't wait for you and your daughters to see and explore this great campus.


January 20: Garage Demolition



January 13, 2014
The end is near!  The end of construction that is.  A string of good weather days has helped our schedule.  Currently, we are painting inside and out, installing metal siding on exterior walls, installing tile in the restrooms, building stone retaining walls, and preparing for landscape installation.  Our final bit of demolition - the garage - will start next Monday.  In our humble opinion, the buildings look fantastic and we can't wait for you to see them.  GSA will definitely have the coolest campus in Austin.




December 9, 2013

December 2nd, 2013

November 15th, 2013
Construction-friendly skies helped our contractor last week.  As a result, they were able to get the Multi-Purpose Building,  Admin. section, and the K/1st Classroom dried in.  The City gave us the close-in inspection on the Admin. section, which allowed insulation & drywall work to start.  The massive folding door that will open the M.P. Building to the patio was installed and tested.  Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-in continues in classrooms.  Exterior walls started going up on both floors of the two-story building. Drive by for a look sometime and check out our awesome campus.

November 8th, 2013
All buildings have now been framed.  The Admin. wing is now dried-in, Multi-Purpose Bldg. is 90% dried-in, and work continues on getting the other buildings to that point.  Plumbing, electrical and HVAC rough-in is making good progress inside the buildings.

November 1st, 2013
Only moderately deterred by Wednesday night's deluge, construction continued on a sloppy site and progress was made.  Wall and roof framing was completed on the K-1st Classroom and was 75% complete on the2nd-3rd Classroom.  Plumbing & HVAC rough-in work in the Multi-Purpose building was nearing completion.  In the Admin. wing, brick work continues along with installation of windows and interior partitions.  For those of you who have wondered about the black walls, it's only waterproofing, not the finished product.


October 25th, 2013
A week of good weather made a big difference in everyone's productivity on the site this week.  Buildings are getting exterior sheathing and waterproofing (the black coating).  Brickwork and window installation started on the Admin. Bldg.  The K-1 Bldg. is framed now and we've started framing the 2-3 Bldg. Roofing has started on the Admin. Bldg. and Multi-Purpose Bldg.  Inside the buildings, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing rough-in is occurring.  Accumulated rain days will delay completion by three weeks.



October 18th, 2013
Construction of the campus is continuing to make progress, but recent rains (nearly 6" last weekend) have impacted our schedule.  We were not able to get a crane onto the site this week to complete erection of the structural steel.  The crane will arrive on Monday (10/21), which will allow us to finish the structural steel by the end of the week. Most other crews have been able to continue working despite the muddy site conditions. In the photos below, you will note that the Admin. area has been enclosed in green exterior sheathing and metal roof decking.  Also, the Multi-Purpose Building now has roof decking and metal stud walls.  Wall framing on the K-1 building started on Friday.

October 11th, 2013
This has been another week of good progress and visual changes in the campus.  Friday we poured the final concrete slab (2nd-3rd Classroom).   And we have nearly finished exterior wall framing and roof decking for the Admin Area and the Multi-Purpose Building.  Having the Multi-purpose Building is going to make a big difference in the campus.

October 7th, 2013
The past two weeks have seen big changes at the GSA campus as many of you have noticed.  The two-story steel frame of the main building has been erected giving a new sense of scale to our project.  Steel is also going up on the multi-purpose building and the 4th grade classroom.  Last Friday we poured the slab for the K-1 classrooms leaving only the 2-3 classrooms to be poured this week




September 25th, 2013
During the week of September 16 we continued to work on completion of the concrete block stair towers and concrete foundations.  As you can see in the photos below, the east stair tower is complete and the west stair tower has been started.  The first steel columns were set around the Administration area.  And the 4th Grade classroom slab has been poured. We are still maintaining our schedule for completion in early January. 


September 13th, 2013 
The week of 9/9/13 has seen another construction milestone.  We are finally going vertical with the start of the masonry stair towers (albeit only two stories).  The ground floor slabs for the Main Building and Admin have been poured.  On Monday the 16th, we will pour the slab for the 4th Grade Classroom, start work on the walkway in front of Art, Strings & Piano, and the retaining wall for the steps. Drive by for a peek through the fence and check out our progress. 

September 6th, 2013
Here we are at the end of Week 13 of construction on our new campus and work is going at a frenetic pace.  Most of the work going on for the last two weeks has been foundation and under-slab electrical work for the main building (2-story section).  Today, 9/6, we poured the slab for the main building and footings for the elevator pit and 4th Grade classroom.  If you stop by to peer through the fence, you will be able to get a good sense of the building's footprint.  Next week the masonry subcontractor will start laying the concrete block walls for the two stairways.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or stop by Windsor House.

August 20th
GSA construction reached another milestone on August 19th with the first concrete pour.  Underground waste and water supply lines are 95% complete.  Under slab plumbing rough-in is 70% complete.  Underground and under slab electrical rough-in is 35% complete.  By the end of this week, the entire slab of the Admin Building will be poured.  Next week work will start on the foundation for the two-story portion of the main building.  Come peek through the fence and check out our progress. 


August 8th
What were beautifully-constructed building pads last week, today look like a bomb went off.  Installation of underground plumbing lines - some as deep as 10' - and electrical conduit started on Monday, August 5th.  Trenches now criss-cross the building pads and PVC pipes rise above the surface.  By the middle of next week, the underground work will be complete and our concrete subcontractor will start digging footings and placing reinforcement steel.  Work at this stage of a project is not very glamorous and will never be seen, but it all contributes to what will be an outstanding educational facility.  The project is progressing nicely despite the hot weather.  At least it stopped raining.

August 2nd
Despite several days lost to rain, earthwork on the site was completed on Aug. 2nd.  The photos below show earthwork underway and the finished building pads.  It is now possible to envision where the individual buildings will be located.  Underground utilities will start Monday, Aug. 5th.

July 24th
Work continues on earthwork at the site. Photos below show recent activity and excavating the building pads and in bringing in structural fill. The structural fill is placed in 8 inch layers and compacted to a specific density. Once the fill has been brought up to the desired elevation, work will begin on underground utilities, construction of foundation forming, and placement of reinforcing steel. Barring any further weather delays, underground utility work should start by the end of next week.
It's exciting to see where the individual buildings will be located relative to one another and get a sense of scale of the overall campus. Stay tuned for future updates.

July 2nd 
As the month of July begins, demolition is drawing to a close.  All of the building materials have been taken to recycling.  The demo contractor should be finished on July 2nd or 3rd.   This opens the door for excavation and grading to start on the 3rd.  Rough grading should finish around July 10th.  During the rest of July underground utilities will be installed and the building pads made ready for foundation work.

June 24th 2013
WOW!  Our campus has really changed over the last five days.  The old buildings have been demolished above the foundations and now rest in piles. The materials have been sorted by type of material, which makes it easier to recycle.  Those of you who have driven by have probably noticed piles of brick, metal, and wood.  Once these debris have been hauled off, work on the concrete slabs and foundations will start. This will be done by ram-hoe and the clawed excavator that's been onsite for the past week.  You can expect it to be quite noisy and dusty.  Excavation and site grading will start the first week in July, with work on the foundations right on its heels.  Everything is going smoothly and we're staying on schedule.

June 19th 2013
Things have been busy on the campus since we moved out.  Asbestos abatement has gone well and is nearing completion.  The rooms look strange with no windows and part of the sheetrock missing.  While they finish the 2nd/3rd classroom building this afternoon and tomorrow, demolition of the "main" building will be starting.  The demolition contractor has brought the heavy equipment (a tracked excavator) onto the site and is getting ready to start tearing down the buildings.
*Remember when you stop by to look at what we're doing, please stay outside the fence on the sidewalk or across the street.

June 2013
The first two weeks of June the contractor will be removing asbestos containing materials for off site disposal. Around the middle of June demolition will begin. We'll be sure and let you know when the excitement will start.


May 2013 
To say goodbye to our beloved old campus GSA sister groups took home some GSA dirt and seeds to plant a little bit of Girls' School history at home. Students also illustrated or wrote about their favorite GSA memory, and posted their memories in the courtyard for graduation. Dill Pickles were handed out to celebrate The Dill School (The original school on this campus).

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